I'm not dead yet!

eat to live

Day 6

I few days ago I decided to get strict with my eating habits. At first I was going to do it for 90 days but then I realised that the 61th day was also my birthday so I’ve decided to do this for 60 days and then relax a little so I can have a little chocolate on my birthday.

What I will be eating is real food

  • vegetables
  • meat, along with the rendered fat and some animal products
  • fish
  • fruit

Fewer amounts of

  • potatoes, I’m Irish you’d think we’d be sick of these by now but we can go overboard on these
  • rice, I like just a little with some curry
  • nuts, I’ll have just 2 brazil nuts a day for selenium

What I won’t be eating

  • Wheat or any grains
  • Things with ingredients/processed food, such as jars of sauces or packets of … whatever comes in packets
  • No sugar which in turn means no chocolate
  • No nut butters of any type, these are not unhealthy but the problem is when I eat the entire jar! I love almond butter
  • No milk, cream or cows cheese, however goats and sheep’s cheese seem to be better (probably something to do with A1 and A2 cows)

With everything there’s always grey areas such as rashers(bacon) it’s a processed meat yes but I don’t view it as one that’s  very bad and I have something to dip into my egg yolk in the morning. Lidl have a greek yoghurt which is another grey area that I haven’t yet decided on, it’s dairy from a cow which was pasteurised but I always seemed to function fine on it. The last one I can think of is protein powder which is something else that I can’t see much wrong with but it’s very processed and I think it’s probably too sweet.

I’ll also be avoiding too much caffeine so only decaf for me and just a bit of tea, I should add that I love teas even though I don’t drink too much of them, I think I mainly just collect them drink them a few times and move onto the next tea. My latest one is from Solaris, organic Lapsang Souchong very nice, oddly very smokey which I’ve never had in a tea before.

I plan on having pictures so this is a weeks worth of food a few weeks ago, now some biscuits and probably some ben&jerrys did sneak in there via my granny, who is such a feeder.

On the topic of my granny, she’s going to be one of the difficult areas when it comes to eating right. When you don’t eat anything she offers she is insulted, hurt and she thinks your ‘vexed’ with her for something. Earlier in the week when my cravings were at the worst, she sat down with a bottle of wine, cream crackers and cheese(I adore cheese, as you can see from the 4 different kinds of cheese on the picture) and if that wasn’t bad enough she then gets an entire cake out of the fridge, sits down with it and cuts a large slice of it and eats. She asked me loads of times did I want some by that time I’d long finished my banana and mint tea.

Tomorrow I will post some stats, except for current weight and body fat as I’ve nothing to actually measure those. I’ll also say a little about myself and why I’m doing this

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